Help us win a key battle for prostate cancer research funding

On March 10 this year, Senator John McCain, in a speech on the floor of the Senate, effectively recommended the elimination of the entire Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) within the Department of Defense, including the critically important Prostate Cancer Research Program.

The continuation and expansion of the Prostate Cancer Research Program is at the very heart of the Prostate Cancer Roundtable’s national policy agenda. This program — together with the research initiatives funded by the Prostate Cancer Foundation — has effectively revolutionized translational research into prostate cancer over the past decade. The Prostate Cancer Roundable is committed to the continuation of this program. Members of the Roundtable are working through a variety of alliances to ensure the continued funding of the CDMRP in 2011 and 2012.

Please take the time to write or phone your Congressman or Congresswoman and both your senators. We need you to advise them — in no uncertain terms — that you expect to see funding for CDMRP and the Prostate Cancer Research Program continued this year and expanded in the future. To do this you can utilize the online letter-writing system and the draft letter on the ZERO web site — and customize the draft letter to reflect your personal experience and point of view.