Prostate Cancer Roundtable Comments on Draft USPSTF PSA Recommendation

In light of the recent draft recommendations against the use of PSA screening for prostate cancer in healthy men made by the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), members of the Prostate Cancer Roundtable have come together to express their disappointment. The Roundtable has formally submitted comments to USPSTF expressing that their draft recommendation:

• Fails to accurately convey the message that the Task Force appears to be making – that the choice to be tested for prostate cancer is an individual one that should be made between a man and his doctor based on complete and accurate data,

• Discourages appropriate individual decision-making by doctors and their patients, and

• Ignores facts associated with the situations faced by a significant number of men in well-defined groups who are at the highest risk of clinically significant disease and at additional risk of dying from prostate cancer if it is not treated early.

Read the full comments submitted by the Prostate Cancer Roundtable here.

Following the submission of Roundtable comments to the USPSTF, the USPSTF responded with questions about high risk men and the PIVOT trial. Read the Roundtable’s response to these questions.

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